Taking a break during work or school can help you lead a more productive day.

Breaks allow us to decompress and regain our focus. But what do you do when you work from home? Do you still need to take a break?

While working from home or attending school virtually, it can be difficult to get away from the task and rejuvenate. However, just like at an office, you still need a break. 

Get familiar with your allotted breaks and work out a schedule for yourself. Ask your employer about any changes to your regular break policy and figure out when it's best to take your breaks. If possible, space your breaks out to give yourself time to rest throughout the day. Make a schedule and keep your break time consistent. 

Move away from your work or computer to take a break. While scrolling through social media at your desk is technically a break from work, it doesn't do your body or mind any favours. Your break time should be physical time away from your work, so get up and move away from your desk or surface you're working at. 

Make the most of your breaktime by optimizing your space. While living in an apartment, you have different options for a break space. You can get out of your apartment to check the mail, climb up and down the stairs as a short workout, or go outside for a quick walk. Those with balconies can set up a sitting area on the balcony to use as a break space. 

Ideas for a successful break include getting a healthy snack, working on a puzzle, or calling a friend for a quick chat. Meditating while working from home can also be a wonderful way to refresh your mind. When you use your break time to do something productive or relaxing, you can go back to work feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on new tasks. 

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