Did you know that you burn more calories while exercising outdoors during winter?

It's true! Your body uses extra energy to keep you warm and regulate the air you breathe. 

If you want to commit to outdoor exercising this winter, we've got some tips to help you succeed. 

There are different safety tips for winter exercising because the weather can change rapidly this time of year. Be prepared and check the weather forecast before heading out. If the conditions you expected appear to be changing, it's best to turn back and head home. Although it feels good to finish a workout, the weather can make it unsafe to do so. Instead, just head home and try some simple workouts inside your apartment

It also gets darker earlier this time of year, so be sure to wear reflective clothing to increase your visibility. If you're a biker, it's best to have a headlamp and taillights installed on your bicycle. 

You should also protect your skin from the sun, even during winter. Wearing sunscreen and lip balm can help protect any exposed skin from sunburn or unnecessary radiation. Warming up is especially essential for exercising outdoors in the winter, because the frigid temperatures increase the risk of sprains and strains. 

Dressing properly for winter exercise will help you retain your body heat while keeping you warm and dry. The key to winter exercise attire is layering. You should start with a synthetic close-fitting garment that will wick away moisture. Next, you will need to add a layer of warmth like loose-weave wool or polar fleece. Top it all off with something waterproof to protect you from wet weather and harsh winds. 

While outdoors, your head, hands, and feet are susceptible to frostbite. Try wearing thin synthetic gloves under a waterproof set to protect your hands against the cold. Wearing the appropriate footwear can help you avoid slips and falls. Finally, try thick thermal socks on your feet and protect your head and face with a warm hat and a scarf. 

We invite you to embrace the cold this season and boost your mood with an invigorating winter fitness routine. Our apartments in Toronto and Mississauga are near several year round nature trails and parks.