When you rent, closets become more than just a place to hang coats and store clothes. Oftentimes, they become multipurpose storage areas and it is easy to overcrowd or clutter them. 

Reclaim your space and take your cramped and cluttered closets to functional and organized with our creative closet solutions.  

Whether you are working with a hall closet or a bedroom closet, start with a blank canvas. First, you need to clear out the closet and organize your stuff into categories. You should toss anything broken and set aside items to be donated. Then, you can do a quick clean up by vacuuming the floor and wiping down any surfaces. 

You can also make your closet work for you by purchasing some stackable shelves, racks, and bins to add to the space. Next, you can roll linens and keep them in a basket. Place toilet paper and paper towel rolls in fabric bins, and store cleaners safely in clear plastic bins. Adding a shoe rack to keep clutter off the floor and making it quick and easy to find the right pair of shoes can be very helpful as well.

When renting, every space counts, so if your closet has a door that opens outwardly, you can easily hang a shoe organizer or a set of hooks over the door to save interior closet space. Consider using your show organizer for more than shoes, such as pantry goods, cleaners, wrapping paper rolls or winter gear. Heavy duty Command Hooks can be used on interior closet walls to mount fabric organizers or hang cleaning tools and stepladders as well. 

Once you are happy with your storage solutions, you should begin filling the space. We recommend putting the items you will use minimally out of reach and everything you will use frequently in the most easily accessible areas of the closet. You should always remember to label all your bins and storage cubes so everyone among your family members can quickly find what they need. 

With bedroom closets that primarily store clothing, keep the rod clutter free by folding bulky sweaters and jeans to place on a shelf. Linens, accessories and out of season clothing can be put in canvas cubes and placed on the shelf above the closet rod. 

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