Are you dreading a winter move?

Many people prefer to move during the spring and summer when the weather is sunny and warm. However, winter has some surprising benefits that can make it the best time of year to move.


A winter move can help you save money. Business is slow for moving companies during in the winter, which means they'll often offer discounts, promotions, and extra services to attract customers. You can take advantage of these deals and find it easier to book the dates you want without conflict. Some businesses will even offer a larger discount when a move is booked during the week, rather than a weekend. 

Everyone likes to move when the sun is shining and the roads are clear, but that means movers are busy, friends and family often have plans, and the market is hot with few vacancies. The winter market is slow, which makes it an opportune time to shop for rentals. 

Winter moving can also mean less risk to your belongings. Trucks and other vehicles easily overheat during the summer, which immediately puts your items at risk. Vinyl records, candles, soaps, and food can easily be damaged or ruined after sitting in a hot vehicle. Moving during the winter will help keep your items cold, but they'll still need protection. Double wrap any fragile or breakable items to shield them from winter conditions. Plastic totes can break if they get too cold; avoid dropping totes and let them come to room temperature before opening. 

You can avoid heat related stress and exhaustion when you move during the winter. Moving works up a sweat, which can be made worse during the summer. You might find you have more energy, your movers (or friends) won't need as many breaks, and often your move is more efficient. For a cold weather move, dress in layers so you can stay comfortable as you heat up.

It may not be ideal to move through the snow and slush, but with the benefits we've shared above, winter moving can make a lot of sense.

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