Just because you're spending more time at home, doesn't mean you can't lower your hydro bill.

When you want to reduce your monthly expenses, these simple tips can help.

Unplug, switch off. When turned off while plugged in, small appliances and chargers still use a small amount of electricity. The best way to stop this is to unplug any appliances or chargers you aren't using and add surge protectors. Surge protectors feature an off switch that cuts power to anything plugged into it. Adding a timer will automatically disrupt power when not in use. 

Cut back on the wattage. It goes without saying that turning off the lights when leaving a room cut hydro costs, but you can do more by reducing the wattage you use. Many of us have adopted CFL bulbs to save energy. Now, LED bulbs are the most efficient, using only 8.5 watts and lasting over 25,000 hours. LEDs are more expensive to buy, but the amount you'll save on your hydro bill more than makes up for it. 

Be mindful of the time. Check with your hydro provider to determine if you're on a time of use plan or a tiered structure. Time of use plans charge a different rate throughout the day while tiered plans provide a flat rate for a set amount of usage and a secondary amount for overage. If you'll be working from home consistently or have others in the apartment at all times of the day, a tiered rate could save you money.

Apartment TLC. Overlooked maintenance issues could be raising your hydro bill. Check your apartment for drafts from the windows or doors and if you find any, contact your property manager. Additionally, if your oven takes a long time to heat up or your fridge is running more frequently, get your property manager to check it out.

Cook smarter. When possible, use a toaster oven, the microwave, or a slow cooker and save oven use for larger meals. On the stovetop, smaller pots take less time to heat up, so always use the appropriate size. 

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