It's time to embrace the season and let Spring bloom in your apartment. 

Before you start adding Spring touches to your apartment, give your space a good thorough cleaning. Make sure to clean the winter dirt off your windows so the sunlight can shine in. Don't forget to clean your screens too, so all that blows into your apartment is clean, fresh air. If you can't remove your window screens to clean, use the brush attachment on your vacuum to gently swipe over your screens. 

This time of year, your local greenhouse will be bursting with colourful plants that will brighten up your apartment. If you want a beautiful plant that will last for years and is easy to care for, we've got a few suggestions:

  • Hoya Carnosa: a low maintenance plant with waxy leaves and star shaped blooms. Likes bright light but will tolerate moderate light. Water once every 1-2 weeks.
  • Cape Primrose: a plant with long green leaves and bright blooms. This plant tolerates low light and likes drier soil. 
  • Kalanchoe: this succulent plant produces tiny bright red blooms. Because it's a succulent, it prefers to be dry, but does like bright indirect light. 

Shop at Bob's Garden Centre this spring, just a 10 minute walk from our Redpath Tower apartments. Mississauga residents can try, with a location just five minutes from Agnes Apartments by car now offering pick-up and delivery. 

Small changes throughout your apartment can have a big effect. Swap out your winter bedding for a light and bright comforter and sheet set. Add colourful throw pillows to both the bed and your living room to provide a pop of colour.

You can even give your bathroom a Spring overhaul. Switch out your shower curtain and towels for those of bright colours. Even add a new bathmat, then top it all off with a plant. The Chinese Evergreen can thrive in a bathroom environment and has striking patterned leaves.

When looking to make a big difference in your décor for Spring, consider changing your window coverings and area rugs. Hang pastel paintings or frame large colourful photographs. Displaying them throughout the apartment will give a Springtime-fresh feel to your living space.

Time for fresh new apartment? We've got a variety of suites in Toronto and Mississauga waiting for your splash of colour.