Bylaws are put in place to help communities run smoothly.

Every resident should feel confident and comfortable where they live. So, we've outlined a few important bylaws every Toronto resident should know. 



Toronto is home to some gorgeous parks, but when using these public spaces it's important to know what's allowed, and what isn't. 

  • Igniting or discharging fireworks is prohibited.
  • Offensive weapons aren't permitted without a permit.
  • Liquor is not permitted unless in designated areas with a permit.
  • Smoking is permitted within a 9m radius around sports fields, playgrounds, wading pools, splashpads, skateboard or BMX parks.



Vehicle emissions harm our air quality and contribute to climate change. Therefore, vehicles aren't permitted to idle for longer than one minute during a 60 minute period. 


Illegal Dumping

Garbage or other waste cannot be left on public or private property without permission from the owner. All garbage must be put into designated waste bins. If yours won't fit in your apartment garbage bin, you must ask your landlord for permission to leave it elsewhere on the property. 



It's always best to be considerate of your neighbours and avoid all disruptive noise. There are bylaw restrictions on how much noise you can make between 11pm and 7am in Toronto, so it is especially important to be aware of any noise you make during those times. Noise exemptions can be acquired for special events or construction activities. 



It's important to limit cigarette access for youth and protect residents from second-hand smoke. Smoking is prohibited within 9m of any entrance to any public building. In addition, hookah and shisha use is prohibited in all establishments. 



Several parking offences aren't required to be posted on a sign. To avoid getting a ticket, don't:

  • Park more than 30 cm from a curb
  • Park a vehicle for sale
  • Park within 3m of a fire hydrant
  • Park within 9m of an intersecting highway
  • Obstruct a driveway or laneway
  • Park on your lawn without an off-street parking permit