Sweet Ideas to Create Date Night in Your Apartment

Posted February 11, 2022 | by Compten Management Inc.

Want to create a romantic evening, but don’t want to leave the apartment? Reconnect with your partner by creating romantic date night at home. We have some suggestions to help you try something new or recreate a favourite memory. 

For gamer couples, look for ways to play together away from technology. Shake things up with a new board game. There are several fun board games designed for couples to reconnect. Fluster is a social card game designed to create memories and deeper interpersonal connections. Our favourite just-for-fun game is The Couples Game, a fun question game that’s a blast to play.

For clubgoing couples, your date night could recreate going to a lively club. Clubbing TV streams various nightclub videos as well as some live videos to make it feel like you’re at a nightclub. The benefit to these types of streaming services is you can stay in the safety of your own apartment and still dance the night away. 

For culinary couples, create an evening to cook or bake together. Cook together with a meal kit from Toronto Eataly or shop the ingredients and download the recipe. Compete to see who can create the sweetest dessert or the best appetizer. Got a sweet tooth? Try making an easy and delicious chocolate fondue to share. We suggest dipping waffles pieces, biscotti, brownies, marshmallows, or even potato chips.

For beer or wine connoisseur couples, many breweries and wineries are now offering home tasting kits. You can schedule a virtual tasting event at a winery or brewery or purchase a tasting kit to enjoy at your own pace. Tasting kits usually come with four different wines or beers to taste, a tasting chart, and some bite size foods to cleanse your palate. Home beer tasting kits in Toronto are available at Canadian Craft Tours or book a virtual wine tasting experience with Vini Ventures. If you prefer cocktails, In Your Glass from Toronto offers virtual spirits tasting and home cocktail kits

Don’t forget to set the mood with a Spotify date night playlist and silence your phones. Make your date a night to remember by putting all your focus on each other and having fun.