Are you struggling to decide which size suite will best suit your needs?

This can be a tough decision, especially for first time renters. Studio suites allow you to live in a smaller space with similar features as other suites. Some studio apartments have one large space for your kitchen, living room, and sleeping area. However, most of our studio apartments in Mississauga and Toronto have a separate room for your kitchen and bathroom, then one large area for both your living space and bedroom. With this set up, it’s easy to separate your living space from your bedroom using bookshelves, a screen, or other room dividers.  

One bedroom apartments tend to be more popular because the suites are divided by rooms: living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Having a separate room for your bedroom makes it easier to entertain, but that extra space will vary utility costs and increase the rent. Not all apartment buildings offer studio apartments, so one bedroom suites tend to be popular and might be more difficult to find.

Consider your needs when looking for your first apartment. Will you do a lot of entertaining, have overnight guests, or own a lot of stuff? Next, determine if your needs outweigh your budget. Renting a studio apartment can save on utilities, rent, and furnishings, but you’ll have less space to live in. Additionally, renting a studio apartment can help you get into an apartment in your desired location quicker. If you can’t afford the rent of a one bedroom in a prime location, consider a studio, and upgrade to a one bedroom later.

Recognize the signs: 

  • You’ll know it’s time for an upgrade if you find you need more space for entertaining, storage, or privacy.
  • Likewise, you can safely downsize into a studio apartment if you don’t entertain like you thought you would, want to reduce clutter, or need to save money.

Ready to make the move? We have several buildings with both studio and one bedroom apartments available in Mississauga and Toronto