Winter is coming...

It's time to prep your rental apartment for the cold weather. Compten Management has a few simple ideas that will help keep your apartment cozy and warm this Winter season.

Check for drafts

Cold air can sneak into your apartment through windows, doors, electrical outlets, and cracks in the wall. Place your hand close to the area and see if you can feel any cold air. If you do, call your superintendent immediately.

Insulate your floors

If any rooms in your unit has hardwood flooring, laminate, or ceramic tiling, consider adding a plush area rug or runner along high traffic areas. The rugs will insulate your floors and keep your feet warm. You can also purchase a draft guard to place at your front door to keep cold air out and the warm air in.

Let the sun in!

Sunlight is a natural heater, so keep your curtains open on sunny days. Thermal drapes are a great addition to your windows during the winter because they keep the cold air out, so your rooms feel warmer.

Reverse your ceiling fans

We all know hot air rises, so if any of your rooms has a ceiling fan, you can use that to your advantage. Ceiling fans spinning in reverse (clockwise), at a low speed, can help lower energy costs by pushing hot air back down into the room.

Prepare for emergencies

You never know when a snow storm will hit and keep you stuck indoors. It's a great idea to create a Winter emergency kit. Make sure your kit includes flashlights, candles, matches, nonperishable food items, and water so you are prepared for a power failure or being snowed in.

Bundle up!

Change your cotton bedding to flannel sheets and add a thick cozy comforter. Additionally, fleece throws and other blankets can be added to your living room décor so they are handy on cold winter nights.

Dig out your winter gear: Coats, hats, scarves, mittens, and boots. Check everything for holes and fabric wear, if necessary head out to the store and buy something new.

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