Overwhelmed by re-usable bags? Tips on Reusing, Donation, and Storage.

Posted May 15, 2023 | by Compten Management Inc.

With the newly enforced single-use plastic ban, reusable bags can be found everywhere. While better for the environment, it’s now too easy to get overwhelmed. 

We’ve all done it, gone shopping while forgetting our reusable bags at home. Rather than juggle our purchases out of the store, we end up buying yet another reusable bag. If your rental is getting overrun with reusable bags, we’ve got some helpful tips to keep it under control.

Use and Care

The most important thing to remember is to regularly wash your reusable bags. Most bags have tags or have washing instructions right on them. Regularly hand wash and hang to dry or machine wash with hot soapy water. If your bags are insulated or made from either nylon or repurposed plastic, wipe them with a microfibre cloth or disinfecting wipe. Use bags for grocery shopping, retail shopping, and gift giving.  


If you’ve become overwhelmed with reusable bags, pick about 10-15 out of the bunch, then add in 2-3 emergency bags (for replacement purposes), and set the rest aside to donate. 

Donate bags near you: 


The best way to avoid buying more reusable bags is to store them in a place you’ll see when heading out. Hang them by your shoes or jacket as a reminder to take them when going out. Fold and store clean reusable bags into one larger bag. Keep some reusable bags in the trunk of your car or fold a couple up to put in your purse or laptop bag for shopping on the go.