How to Thrive in Your Apartment this Year

Posted January 12, 2022 | by Compten Management Inc.

Our homes are a place for us to escape the noise and commotion of the outside world. Thrive within your own apartment this year with a few simple suggestions on how to make the most of apartment living.

Create your sanctuary

Transform your apartment into a space that will help you relax, refresh, and renew. Start by decluttering and organizing; a cluttered space can make you tense and hinder relaxation. Make use of multipurpose furniture and hidden storage to eliminate as much clutter as possible. Then, amplify the natural light in by placing mirrors on walls opposite to windows. Add in plants to increase the oxygen and improve your daily mood. Finally, add a splash of colour with accent pieces. 

Exercising in your apartment

Whether your apartment is a small bachelor or a large 3 bedroom, you can get an effective workout at home. You don’t need equipment, but a tension band, yoga mat, or hand weights can improve your results. Make exercise part of your daily routine and switch it up so you aren’t doing the same thing all the time. These quiet workouts are perfect for those living in an apartment space.  

Focus on mental health

Practicing mindful meditation every day will improve your overall mental health. Find a place to sit without distractions, like the corner of your bedroom, on your balcony, or quiet space in your living room. Focus on your breathing to stay still. Count your breaths from 1 to 10 and back again, until you get used to the technique. Then try to sit still for 10 minutes a day to clear your mind. Meditating can help when you experience stress or nervousness.

Get involved within your community

Being separated from others for extended periods can influence our mental health. There are several ways to safely connect with those in your community. Volunteer at a local food bank, library, or become a dog walker. You could also organize a daily, weekly, or monthly walking group or buddy system within your apartment building. Even while maintaining social distance, being around other people can improve your mental health. 

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