Hiking & Biking Trails Near You

Posted April 22, 2022 | by Compten Management Inc.

Hiking is not only a fun activity, but also a whole body exercise, working all your muscles while also giving your brain a boost.

Have you ever noticed that while on a hike your mind naturally clears? Being outdoors and in fresh air helps us relax and relieve mental fatigue. It’s a fun way to get the creative juices flowing because being outdoors can also increase your attention span and significantly boost your creative problem-solving skills. 

Hiking provides a full body workout wrapped up in a fun experience. If you let your arms swing at your sides, or use hiking poles, you’ll get your shoulder and upper arm muscles working.  While regular exercise is good for cardiovascular health, hiking adds the bonus of being a weight-bearing activity, meaning you’ll boost your bone density and your cardiovascular health on your hike. 

Now that you know how beneficial hiking is, check out these year-round trails near your Toronto and Mississauga rentals:

Riverwood Trail, Mississauga

Burnhamthorpe Rd W & Riverwood Park Ln. 

  • A 3km dirt path loop throughout the beautiful Riverwood Conservancy. 
  • Warning: The trail can get icy in the winter and muddy in early spring.
  • Parking off Riverwood Park Lane.
  • 12 minutes from Royal Tower and Embassy Apartments.

David Culham Trail, Mississauga

Dundas St W & Erindale Park Rd. 

  • A straight dirt and gravel trail extending 13.2km through Erindale Park. 
  • The full trail can take up to 3 or 4 hours to complete.
  • Plenty of rest spots and picnic areas.
  • Parking available off Erindale Park Road.
  • 18 minutes from Elizabeth Towers.

Wilket Creek Recreational Trail, Toronto

Access and parking at Edwards Gardens, Toronto

  • Park at Edwards Gardens and stroll through the flower beds on your way to the trail.
  • A straight, mostly paved, 3.7km trail, travels along the creek and over footbridges. 
  • 5 minutes from Donway Properties.

Lower Don Recreational Trail, Toronto

Access and parking through E.T. Seton Park, 73 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto

  • Many trails to explore here, but the Lower Don Recreational Trail is a mostly paved straight 12.9km trail.
  • Travels under bridges, over footbridges, and along the Don River.
  • Total travel time is approximately 4 hours.

17 minutes from Dunfield Tower.