October is here which means Halloween is right around the corner!

If you're having a party or want to send your kids into school with some spooky treats, Compten Management Inc. has a few ghoulish ideas that are sure to be a hit.


Simple, Peanut free snacks for the classroom:

  • Spell Book Pops: These treats are fun to make and eat! Inspired by s'mores ingredients, they'll put a spell on you!

  • Banana Ghosts: Depending on class size, buy one or two bunches of bananas. Peel each and cut in half. Using melted chocolate, stick on two chocolate chips (eyes) and one raisin (length wise) for the mouth. Let dry a few minutes, then wrap in plastic wrap. *Bananas will turn brown, so prepare this as close to snack time as possible.

  • Teal pumpkin crispy treats: These fun treats are made by altering the Rice Krispies square recipe. All you need to do is add teal food colouring to the marshmallow mix before adding the cereal. Once all mixed together, use a pumpkin cookie cutter to shape treats. Add a face with melted chocolate.

  • Lollipop spiders and ghosts: For this treat, your kids can help prepare them for the class! Just follow these simple instructions.


Spooktacular party snacks:

  • Bone Crackers and Dip: Make the bone crackers ahead of time and pair with your favourite marinara dip.

  • Witch Brooms: Made with pretzel sticks and cheese strings, these broom sticks will sure to please children and adults alike!

  • Veggie Skeleton: This fun addition to your snack table is made from assorted veggies! Just shape them into a skeleton and add your favourite veggie dip!

  • Edible graveyard: This is a simple dessert that looks great on the table! Make up a tray of brownies and cover with chocolate cookie crumbs. Add gummy worms, and Milano cookies as tombstones.


Are you tired of handing out candy each year? Does your neighbourhood have kids with allergies? Here is our list of simple alternatives for Halloween treat bags:

  • Drinking boxes

  • Individually packaged hot chocolate mix

  • Party favor bubbles

  • Stickers

  • Tattoos


Compten Management wishes all residents a safe and spooky Halloween!