Earth Hour 2020 takes place Saturday March 28th from 8:30 to 9:30pm. During this hour residents, businesses, and landmarks will go dark to spark global conversations on protecting our environment. 

If you want to participate in Earth Hour or make your apartment eco-friendly, we've got some simple suggestions to get you started. This short video explains the global climate crisis and what we can do about it. 

There are many ways renters can participate in Earth Hour and even more ways they can save energy in their apartments.


Unplug and switch off for Earth Hour

Switch off all the lights in your apartment and unplug all unnecessary devices and appliances for Earth Hour. Even when an appliance is turned off, it is still using power on a standby capacity. Unplugging these items eliminates phantom power usage, and saves you money!

Just because your lights are off doesn't mean you can't have fun! Some of our favourite ways to spend Earth Hour are by going for a walk, chatting with friends, star gazing, or playing board games via candlelight.


Extend Earth Hour

When you take part in Earth Hour, you're making a statement that the environment is important to you. Your participation doesn't need to end when the clock strikes 9:30pm on March 28th. Here are some simple ways to extend Earth Hour by making your apartment more eco-friendly:

  • Buy power strips for all your devices and appliances. Flip the switch on the strip to eliminate phantom power.
  • Buy energy saving devices.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi connections to your video game consoles when not in use.
  • Lower your thermostat by one degree in the winter.
  • Use reusable bags, straws, and travel cutlery to eliminate waste.
  • Use low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators. 
  • Opt for LED lights instead of traditional or CFL bulbs.
  • Eliminate paper towels by using more dish towels and rags. 
  • Unplug and switch off in your apartment for an hour every week. 
  • Walk, ride a bike, or live closer to amenities.

When you eliminate your need for a car, you eliminate carbon emissions. Compten Management has apartments in Toronto and Mississauga are conveniently located near transit routes and daily necessities.