If you've never lived in a major city before, it can take some getting used to. Not sure what to expect? 

Let Compten Management shed some light on the perks, benefits, and uniqueness the city of Toronto has to offer.


There is always something to do!

You'll have access to amazing shopping, delightful restaurants, and unique entertainment that you can't find anywhere else. With several professional sports teams, world renowned destinations and several unique neighbourhoods all within the downtown core, it's impossible to be bored. Looking to relax? Just because it's a big city, doesn't mean there isn't any greenspace. Some of the city's best parks are Corktown Common, Sir Winston Churchill Park, and High Park.

Great opportunities to try something new!

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. There are countless ways to experience the different cultures and religions by visiting ethnic bistros, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and community centres and attending a multitude of cultural festivals in the warmer months, including TD Salsa in Toronto, Toronto Caribbean Carnival, Toronto Oktoberfest and more!


Toronto is the second most walkable city in Canada, with many shops and services located within walking distance from many residences. Don't get stuck in traffic-  take advantage of the quick and easy access to transit stops, subway stations, and taxi services throughout the city!

Social Possibilities

As one of the largest cities in Ontario, you'll have the opportunity to meet a ton of new people.  Bars, pubs, nightclubs, and lounges are easy to find and concerts and sporting events are at your fingertips. You'll meet locals and tourists from all over the world- embrace the multiculturalism and open yourself to new world views and ideas!

Top 5 tips to make the most of your first month:

  1. 1. Carry a bit of cash. Food vendors and some small businesses might not accept credit or debit. 

  2. 2. Respect personal space. The city sidewalks can be busy & congested at times, leaving you elbow-to-elbow with strangers regularly. Be aware of your and others personal space. When driving, you will encounter cyclists in the city, so keep an eye on bike lanes and watch for any cyclists amidst the traffic. 

  3. 3. Walk, don't ride. The best way to get to know your new community, get a sense of direction and find your new essential stops (like a new fav cafe), is to walk! If you explore a new area of the city once a week or so, it will start to feel more like home, as routes and places become routine and familiar.

  4. 4. Embrace the noise. Big city's are loud. It can be jarring at first, especially if you're coming from a quieter suburban or rural area. Ear plugs during sleep hours are a good investment at first, but many city dwellers will tell you that it eventually becomes background noise and you won't even notice it. Some even find they enjoy it as part of 'city life'.

  5. 5. When in doubt, ask a local. Local residents have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to tips on getting around the city, finding the best food trucks during the lunch rush, favourite hotspots and more! Don't be afraid to ask for suggestions or help when you need it.


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