The time has come to start thinking of Dad and celebrating all he does for you and your family.

Here at Compten Management, we've created a short list of great gift ideas for Dad.


Homemade gifts always tug at the heart strings. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Best Dad Hands Down: Paint your kid(s) hands and place them on a thick paper. Turn it upside down, and write: Best Dad Hands Down. Date it and frame it to keep it for years to come.
  • DIY Photo Frame: Buy the wooden letters D, A, and D from a craft store or dollar store and use them as picture frames. Place a photo in each letter, hot glue the sides of the letters together, then glue a dowel or hook on the back. Dad can place on his desk or hang on the wall.
  • Homemade Card: This is an easy-to-do staple for kids of any age. Buy some fun, colourful cardstock and stickers at a craft store and let the creativity flow! Have your kids write their three favourite things about Dad inside the card.


Looking for a last minute gift, short on cash, or have a child that wants to make their gift on their own? Try one of these:

  • All About My Daddy Questionnaire: Have your kid(s) fill out a simple questionnaire about their Dad, this often turns out humorous and very sweet. Make up your own or try this one.
  • Father's Day Coupons: On slips of colourful paper, have your kid(s) write out favors that Dad can cash in. Use this free template.
  • Leave Dad Home Alone: Give Dad a few hours of peace and quiet to spend as he chooses, while the rest of the family goes out. Alternative: If Dad prefers to spend the day with the family, plan a picnic at a park, spend the day at the beach or create some fun outdoor activities to play at home.


Prefer to buy something for Father's Day? Try one of these:

  • Couch Potato Gift Basket: Fill with Dad's favourite candy and snacks, drinks, and a new video game or movie.
  • Dad's Day Out: What are the favourite hobbies or activities that the Dad in your life likes to do? Visit his favourite places and purchase gift cards so that he can have a fun day from morning to night. If the activity is meant for two- consider covering the cost for Dad and a friend!
  • Gifts for the 'Hard to Buy for' Dads: Gift certificate for a car wash and detail; tickets to a festival, concert, or live sports game; favourite sports team jersey or ballcap; or a case of his favourite beer or bottle of favourite alcohol. When in doubt, a genuine and thoughtful thank you and hug is something that any Dad would be grateful for.


No matter what you choose, take the time to let dad know how much he means to your family.

Compten Management Inc. wishes all Dad's a very happy Father's Day!