Earth Day is a chance for everyone to join in and help reduce waste.

Families can work together to create earth-friendly goals, spend more time outdoors, or create objects from recycled materials.


Try some of these ideas at home:

  • Buy second-hand: Teach your children that when you buy gently used items, you are helping to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Plant a small indoor or outdoor garden: Garden herbs are great for small outdoor spaces and can be brought indoors too!
  • Save water: Turn off the tap when brushing teeth, take shorter showers, and quickly fix any leaking taps or pipes. 
  • Have Earth Hour once a week: Dedicate just one hour to using no lights or electronics, also a great opportunity for family bonding!
  • Buy snacks in bulk and plan to have leftovers: This allows you to pack food in reusable containers that saves packaging waste and makes it easier to take healthy food to go!


Here at Compten Management, we know of some fun activities and events in Toronto and Mississauga that can help you get into the spirit of Earth Day!


Earth Day at Toronto Botanical Gardens

Saturday April 23, 2016; 12pm – 4 pm

Have fun while educating your child and yourself as you take part Earth Day activities including guided hikes, story time, and crafts.  Click here for complete details on this free event.


Toronto Zoo Earth Day Celebration

April 23 and April 24; 10am – 4pm

The Toronto Zoo has a Tundra Trek which teaches you how to implement sustainable actions in your own backyard. Register for one of four different workshops that offer hands-on fun. Events and workshops are free with your admission to the zoo. Click here for more information.


One Million Trees Mississauga

Mississauga has a goal to plant one million new trees by 2032. Help your city by planting a tree or scrub and submitting the planting information. For more information visit the one million trees Mississauga website and click on Event Listings.


20-Minute Makeover

Friday April 22, 2016

Participate in a 20 minute trash collection around your city. Make it a family affair and give everyone in the family a garbage bag and some work gloves. Head out for a walk around the neighbourhood or to the park and see how much garbage you can collect in 20 minutes.


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