Brighten Up Your Rental

Posted June 17, 2022 | by Compten Management Inc.

Flowers have a way of brightening any room just by being in it. But did you know you can effortlessly make beautiful bouquets yourself for your apartment? If you’re interested, we’ve got a few tips to help you get started.

The type and colour of your flowers should go with your apartment décor. If your room is neutral or light, use bright bold flowers with deep green accents. Alternatively, if you have a brightly decorated room, use light or white flowers for a simple elegance. Accent your blooms with a filler flower like carnations, snapdragons, or sweet peas. Filler flowers provide a bulk volume to show off your focal flowers. 

Focal flowers are bold large blooms like sunflowers, tulips, or hydrangeas. These flowers grow in bright colours and are beautiful in bouquets. Dahlias, pansies, calla lilies, chrysanthemum, or roses also make for a stunning focal flower.

Pick your vase according to your flowers. Tall vases are best for long stemmed flowers and vases with narrow openings are perfect for delicate flowers. But you don’t always have to use a vase for your bouquet. Mason jars are charming for a medium bouquet, pitchers and watering cans are a fun way to display larger bouquets, and tin cans, teapots, glasses, or mugs are perfect for smaller bouquets. 

Only fill your container a quarter or half the way full of water and remove all stem leaves that’ll be under the water level. Before arranging a bouquet, cut one inch off each stem. It’s best to cut stems under water so no air gets into the stem and then place directly into a vase of water. 

Make your arrangement by starting with a greenery filler, then add focal flowers and filler flowers in odd numbers. Turn your vase as you work to ensure every angle gets coverage. If your bouquet is flopping to the sides or is too loose, lightly tie twine or use floral tape to keep the flowers together.

When your bouquets are finished, place them away from direct sunlight and change the water every 2 or 3 days to keep them fresh. A crushed aspirin or a penny in the vase water will also help keep your flowers looking their best.