Tobogganing is a fun activity that offers a winter adrenaline rush for kids of all ages.

If you're new to the area, check out this list of tobogganing hills near your Toronto and Mississauga apartments. 

For Mississauga Residents: 

Brookmede Park is the perfect hill for children and novice riders as it's a gentle slope with adequate time to slow down. Residents of Royal Tower and Embassy Apartments are just 10 minutes from this fun hill. 

Birchwood Park offers adventurers and kids of all ages a thrilling ride down a huge hill. This exciting tobogganing spot is just minutes from Elizabeth Tower with plenty of parking available. 

Erindale Park is the city's largest park and features an excellent toboggan hill. This long hill provides a thrilling rush for all ages. Public washrooms are available, and the park is just ten minutes from Royal Tower and Embassy Apartments

Green Glade Middle School has a wonderful toboggan hill just behind the school. This gentle slope is perfect for kids and parking is available at the school. Residents of Elizabeth Tower are just ten minutes away.

For Toronto Residents:

Linus Park has a wide hill with a gentle slope that's perfect for young kids or novice tobogganers. Because this hill is nestled between two schools, there's no obstacles to avoid and plenty of parking. Residents of Hunters Lodge are just 5 minutes away. 

Christie Pits Park and Bickford Park sit parallel each other with a variety of steep and gentle hills to enjoy. These parks are only 10 minutes from The New Residences of Yorkville Plaza.

Colonel Sam Smith Park has a 250 metre ice skating trail and you'll find a nice tobogganing hill just west of the trail. There's a change room and restrooms along with plenty of parking. Residents of our Lake Promenade Community are just minutes away. 

Howard Talbot Park, just behind Leaside High School, is a perfect hill for a day of sledding. There's parking available at the school and our Dunfield Tower is less than 10 minutes away. 

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