What Are Air Fryers, And Are They Worth It?

Posted March 15, 2022 | by Compten Management Inc.

Air fryers have been gaining in popularity lately leaving many people wondering if they too should hop on the air fryer bandwagon. If you’re on the fence over purchasing an air fryer, we can help with some tips and benefits to know before you buy.

Air fryers cook food by circulating hot air around to give a crispy coating over foods with minimal cooking time. With this appliance, you can achieve the taste and texture of deep fried foods without the added saturated fats. 

Air fryers come in two varieties, convection oven and basket. The model you choose will depend on your personal preference. A basket air fryer will generally cook foods faster, and an oven air fryer offers more space. The basket air fryer is more compact and can fit in smaller spaces or stored in a cupboard. Both types will cook your foods without excess oils, providing you with a healthier meal. 

Air fryers are a healthier way to cook food, however, don’t expect to eliminate oil all together. To achieve a crispy coating on some foods, like fresh vegetables, a drizzle of oil will be necessary. Many foods don’t require oil at all, like frozen food or fresh chicken wings. Consult the manual before adding oils, as you’ll only need a tablespoon or light coating over foods. Using an oil spritzer, sprayer, or an oil cruet will eliminate any oil misuse.

Air fryers don’t do all the work. You’ll still need to flip or turn foods for even cooking. A basket air fryer is constructed like a drawer; so, you can shake foods, rather than flipping them. In an oven style, you can shake the baskets a little, but when using a pan, you’ll need to flip foods to ensure both sides get crispy. While a basket style can cook foods faster than the oven style, always research the brand you want to see what the manufacturer suggests for cooking methods.

In summary, an air fryer can be a helpful appliance when trying to eat healthier. They can cook a wide variety of foods; however, their smaller size means smaller portions. Larger air fryers with two baskets or trays are available, and although more expensive, will allow for cooking larger meals.