Do you shop at a farmers market? If not, Compten Management Inc. has 5 reasons why you should!


1. The taste!

Take your pick of fresh veggies, fruits, meats, and eggs- all freshly picked or packed the morning of or the day before the market. Foods are typically free of preservatives, pesticides, and additives which is healthier for you and allows the food to taste as nature intended.

2. The savings

Not only are you cutting out the middleman and eliminating transportation costs, you are putting your money right back into your community to help local farms and businesses.

3. The Community Enjoyment

Every trip to the Farmers Market sparks a new story. Meet a farmer, bump into a neighbour, or get to know new people in your community. Farmer's markets are great places to talk to other locals about recipes, favourite foods, or the daily finds.

4. The Educational Opportunity

You can speak directly to a farmer and learn about storing, new ways to prepare, and other healthy alternatives for your favourite foods. It's also a great opportunity to for kids to learn about different farming techniques, seasonal foods, and the difference between a fruit and a vegetable.   

5. The Environmental Benefits

Buying locally saves on gas and eliminates pollution from transporting food from farms to grocery stores. Local farm food has been grown naturally, and picked only when it was ripe.


Visit a Farmers Market in your neighbourhood:


Embassy Apartments and Royal Tower Apartments are a short drive to Square One Farmers Market at 3 Robert Speck Parkway, every Sunday 8am until 4pm and Celebration Square just outside of City Hall, open Wednesdays between 9am and 5pm.

Redpath Tower and Soudan Homes are just minutes away from The Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market at 550 Bayview Avenue in Toronto. The city's best and largest market is open every Saturday from 8am until 1pm.

Elizabeth Tower is less than ten minutes away from St. Lawrence Market on Lower Jarvis. Open every Saturday from 5am until 3pm and offers a variety of produce, meats, and vendors.

The Faywood – Vinci Community is a short drive to the Downsview Park Merchant's Market at 40 Carl Hall Rd, North York, where you will find clothing, antiques, and farm fresh goodies.

The New Residencies of Yorkville Plaza is just minutes away from The Annex Farmer's Market at Bloor Street West & Lippincott Street, open every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm. This market features only vendors who produce what they sell.

Lake Promenade buildings are minutes from The Sam Smith Park Farmer's Market, at 65 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive. Open every Saturday from 8am until 1pm this is a great market offering live music, fresh produce, and tasty baked goodies.


We hope you venture out to one or more farmers markets this summer and pick up some great deals along the way.

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