Simple Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill

Publié le April 14, 2023 | par Compten Management Inc.

Is your grocery bill getting out of control? Inflation has made an impact everywhere, including the grocery store. Fight back with these 5 easy ways to lower your grocery bill. 

Name brand goods are trustworthy, dependable, and widely available; however, they’re one of the main items that hike up your grocery bill. If you’d like to save money, opt for the generic or store brand instead. Most generic items are just as good, or sometimes even better, than popular name brands. Buying generic or store brand goods can save you 15-30% per item, which will go a long way to reducing your overall bill.

Pre-packaged snacks and meals help to save time, but they can add an extra 20-60% onto your bill. When you buy pre-packaged snacks, you’re paying more for the packaging than the food. A little extra work can save you a lot of money. If you invest in reusable containers and create your own portions, you’ll notice a big difference in your grocery bill. 

Meal plans help keep you organized, healthy, and efficient; plus, you get the added bonus of saving money. When you know what meals you’re cooking each week, the impulse to eat out is reduced. Before you head to the grocery store, create a list with everything you’ll need for the week. At the store, make sure to stick to only buying what’s on your list. Impulse buys can deter from your meal plan and add to food waste and extra costs.

Shopping at the farmers’ market can help you save on fresh foods. Eliminate the middleman and buy your goods right from the source. Most farmers markets are only open seasonally; however, the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers’ Market in Toronto, is open Saturdays year round, plus it’s just minutes from our Redpath Towers

Take advantage of sales and stock up on your most used items. If you can get into the habit of stockpiling non-perishable goods while on sale, you could skip a trip to the grocery store once a month. Don’t forget to sign up for store reward programs and price match sale items from other stores. Those simple steps can help you save even more money.