Introducing yourself to the neighbours may not be at the top of your to-do list, however, it does come with some pretty great benefits.

Connecting with your neighbours is a good way to promote a friendly and safe community within your building. Having a friend next door is a comforting feeling! Compten Property Management Inc. has some fun ways to break the ice...


Bake some goodies. A plate of fresh baked cookies to new neighbours can be the perfect conversation starter.

Leave a fun 'welcome' note at their door. Leave the gifts with your name and apartment number on the other doorsteps of your building. Some of our favourite gifts include:

  • A bag of microwave popcorn with a "Just popping by to introduce ourselves" note.
  • A bag of Doritos with a note that reads "From your Nacho ordinary neighbours" and your name
  • A plastic measuring cup with a note that reads "Pop over if you need a cup of sugar or a cup-le of new friends!"

Spend time in common areas. Don't rush to get your mail, take your time, smile and introduce yourself to anyone else at the mailboxes, laundry room or other common areas.

Arrange a play-date. If you and your neighbours have children of similar ages, arrange a play-date for the kids to get to know each other and invite the parents over for a drink or apps. Family friendly neighbours could turn into good friends and babysitters in a pinch!

Host a party. Parties are always fun! So, when you have unpacked enough of your belongings to be comfortable with people dropping in, post a notice on the bulletin board or leave invitations on doorsteps.

When new neighbours are shy, don't hesitate to welcome them to the building:

  • Leave a note on their apartment door. Something simple like: Welcome to the building. We are the Smith family and we live next door. If you need anything, let us know!
  • When you see them moving in, introduce yourself and offer them local takeout menus.
  • Leave a care package on their doorstep with a few prepackaged goodies and drinks.
  • When you pass a new neighbour in the hall, smile and introduce yourself.

Here at Compten Management Inc. our buildings are a community and we hope all our residents can find a way to get to know one another and create positive relationships.

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